Gnome Home Grove

Cemetery Road, Biwabik, Minnesota, 55708

The Gnome Home Grove is a public art installation in the Lakeside Cemetery area.

The Gnome Homes appeared in the Spring of 2017. After a huge storm came through the Biwabik area in September of 2016, some of the hardest hit areas were the cemetery area. Huge one-hundred-year-old-trees came down and many of them. This caused the closing of the cemetery for safety purposes. The public was not allowed back into the cemetery until the following Spring for a city-wide clean up and there were the Gnomes.

The Gnomes, who are also of Bavarian heritage, said they heard about the storm and came to Biwabik to help with clean up and to look after the loved ones who have passed. They said they wanted to be “hope after the storm”

People of all ages go out to the cemetery to see the gnome homes. They are located on Cemetery Road between the two entrances to the cemetery on the west side of the road.

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