Honk the Moose Statue

400 N Main Street, Biwabik, MN, United States, Biwabik, Minnesota, 55708

Honk the Moose was an actual moose who came to visit Biwabik in 1915. He caused a little mischief but was loved by the community. The story of Honk was told and retold throughout the years. Famed author, Phil Stong (State Fair) came to Biwabik in the 1920’s to teach at the Biwabik schools. He had heard the story of the mischievous moose and kept it in his back pocket for several years. In the mid 1930’s Stong’s publisher want him to write a children’s book. He recalled the story of the mining town moose and his book was an award winner. Biwabik is proud of their moose mascot. The statue serves as a reminder of Honk’s visit to Biwabik and to the book wrote which preserved the story. The statue is located in the south east corner of the Carl Shuster Park, right on Main Street in Biwabik. Free to the public.

The town also has a Honk the Moose mascot which is present at many events. Be sure to watch for him and get a selfie for your social media.

To purchse the awrd-winning children’s book, go to Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/Honk-Moose-Nature-Phil-Stong/dp/1930650361

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